You will need
  • - bright Wallpaper;
  • mirror;
  • screens or sliding doors;
  • - transforming or fold-out bed, sofa;
  • - tables;
  • - large wardrobe;
  • wall - mounted shelves;
  • - TV
  • - computer Desk and chair;
  • - bar;
  • table;
  • - chairs;
  • - fridge
  • - the chandelier;
  • - wall hanger.
Start the arrangement of the room with her visual magnification. Apply bright Wallpaper, hang mirrors, put a bulky plinth. In the interior there should be nothing dark, large, too bright or matte.
After the repair is done, divide the room into zones. To separate them visually by means of screens, transparent sliding doors or furniture. In the area place a bed, better folding or transforming. You can also put the sofa to serve as a sleeping place by night and a place to entertain guests during the day. On the sides you can put small tables, preferably bright and glossy.
In the area install a wardrobe in which to store things. It is better to put in the corner. To not have to buy a few pieces of furniture for storage, choose the large cupboard with sliding doors and a mezzanine. If you have little space, hang shelves on the walls.
In the same area, check the TV, preferably plasma. Make it so that it optionally could be seen from other parts of the room. By the end of the recreational areas make workplace - computer Desk and chair.
The kitchen area can be separated from the rest of the room by the bar. This place should be a table, some chairs and a fridge, if necessary.
If you want to make the bathroom, organize it in one of the corners at the entrance. Cut off his dense screen or thin wooden planks.
Working area must be the smallest. Place it next to the bedroom. It will serve as a computer table. If necessary, hang a chandelier, put a small bedside table, which will store the right things.
For clothing, hang near the entrance of the hanger. Do not install the outdoor options, they will conceal part of the space.