To cure any addiction, including games, need complete isolation from the object of temptation. If you live in the city, go to relatives or friends in the village, there is for sure at every step you will have to find another club with guns.
If there are no relatives in the village, take a vacation and leave, even in Tibet, in any abandoned village. The main thing that you learn to pleasure with no games.
When a person gambles, the brain actively produces the hormone of joy – endorphin. Try to get this hormone in any other way. Engage in physical exercises, go swimming or to the gym. Endorphin is produced in large quantities when sprinting, barbell exercises and the practice of Oriental martial arts.
If you have iron patience and willpower, just stop playing. The principle of operation is the same as when quitting. Avoid slot machines tenth road, keep communication with former "colleagues" on the game, think up a new rewarding hobby. In General, occupy their thoughts and hands working to think less about slot machines.
Some recover from addiction helped computer games. Before you "hooked" on the computer, weigh all the "pros" and "cons". Define for yourself why you should quit. If it is a financial factor, you are spending too large amounts of money into the void, feel free to download military strategy or shooter games. But if the reason is that all the free time you spend just for the guns, you barely see his wife and children, and your colleagues almost forgotten how you look, understand that in this case, change the flea.
If you have already reached the line, your relationships and career almost destroyed, but you can't overcome addiction, contact the professionals. Help you can provide, both individually and when attending group classes.