We will begin by learning all the notes. There are only seven: "do", "re", "mi", "FA", "Sol", "La", "si". Have them on the stave, which is five parallel lines drawn horizontally.
According to legend, the bass or f key came up with Mozart for a more accurate sounding of the note "FA". It is located on the stave just on the line corresponding to that note in a low octave. This is the fourth line.
Bass clef is used for piano left hand, for double bass and bass guitar and also vocal works with low sound. The presence on the musical staff bass clef says to play the piece follows "to" the first (or Central) octave of the piano.
To learn how to read music in the bass key, it is necessary to move from the notes of the "f" up or down.
Memorize the notes located on the lines. In the bass key on the bottom line is that "salt" and the upper "La".
Next, you will learn three notes in the middle of the lines: "si", "re" and "FA" (which is drawn pinstripe bass clef).
Between the lines (bottom-up) are the notes: "La", "do", "mi", "Sol". Remember that the bottom line of the stave and the upper span of the eponymous notes, "Sol", as well as on the lower gap and the upper line of the staff. In the bass key is the note "La".
Under the bottom line is "f" and over the top – note "si".
Then learn extension line. The first incremental bottom – "e", and added on top is written "to". Please note that it is in treble clef spell the opposite – added the line after stave.
Remember the location of notes in the bass key easier, by combining theory with practice. If possible, first read, and then play a recorded f-key sheet music. If you have no home tool, the keyboard can be replaced with drawn or printed picture.