You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • - documents for refund insurance.
If you have insured a motor vehicle, having the insurance policy or the hull, we can terminate the contract. The reason for refund paid cash for insurance may be:- selling vehicle; the accident, which nothing to restore;- recycling;- the death of the insured.
To recover part of the funds disbursed, submit:- application form;- passport;- insurance;- a certificate from the traffic police (if produced utilization or the vehicle is not subject to restoration;- PTS and a photocopy (with notes on the new owner);- a receipt of payment for insurance and a photocopy;- a notarized power of attorney (if applying on the Trustee);- the documents concerning the relationship (if applying relative after the owner's death);- death certificate.
Based on the submitted documents, you will resettle and return part of the amount for insurance.
To return insurance for the property you will need to contact the insurer. For example, if you insure an apartment, but before the expiration of the sold it is a sufficient basis for termination of the contract.
You will need to submit:- application;- the insurance contract;- receipt of payment for insurance and a photocopy;- documents of title to the apartment, confirming the change of ownership;- extract from the unified registry, which you can get in PPRC;- the agreement of purchase and sale;- the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;- copies of all documents.
Terms of consideration of documents and refund of insurance does not exceed one month. The allocation you make on the date specified in the notice of appeal to the insurance company. But return can only the amount for the whole month. For example, if you appealed to the insurance company on the 15th until the end of the insurance left 6 months and 15 days, you will receive money only for 6 months.