Before the crisis of 2008, many banks offer special programs that provided for the loan without payment of the first installment. Currently suspended, but if the economic situation stabiliziruemost, banks may renew these programs. Just in case, ask your Bank whether there is the opportunity to become a member of such a loan program.
You can obtain the credit without the first contribution in the case when you have in the property already has an apartment, which can be mortgaged to the Bank. Such opportunity is given not to all credit institutions, so they too will have to search. Please note that 100% of the amount requested you will not provide any Bank, at best it will amount to 70-80% of the market value proposed to guarantee the housing. The maximum loan amount depends on what the borrower's income, ie your. Another condition of mortgaged property must be in the same area or region, where the creditor Bank.
Another way to take the apartment, if no initial contribution is the production of two mortgage loans. Using it, you can significantly increase their ability to purchase housing larger area. Get two mortgage loan, first under the first installment of secured existing ownership housing and the second secured the apartment, which you are going to purchase. If you fail to implement this method in a single pot, combine loans come in two different credit institutions.
Even if you are not in the ownership of real estate that could be laid, try to get the amount needed for the down payment, the program of consumer crediting. However, in this case, there are additional disadvantages: while obtaining these loans, banks take into account only the officially confirmed income term consumer loans, usually shorter than mortgage and the large sums provided by him, require collateral security.