Save if you are going to buy an apartment in Moscow. Refrain from expensive holidays abroad. Buy products in hypermarkets - this will significantly reduce family expenses. At work do not go to restaurants at lunchtime, eat food brought from home. Get clothes in stock centers. There is very often sell decent stuff at low prices. Make homemade birthdays and parties. Do not go to entertainment venues. To relax and have fun with friends not only there, thus greatly saving on the expense.
Donate property for rent. Perhaps you have a house in the area or plot of land. Big money for remote areas, of course, will not come to the rescue. But every penny of the road in such an important matter as the purchase of housing in Moscow.
Do savings deposits, when they gather a sufficient amount of money. Guide the monitoring of banks and find out where the most profitable interest rate. Less than five hundred thousand to put into the account does not make sense, the profit will be small. But the dividends from one million and above are able to please. Place funds on a term of years to ten years. So it is possible to obtain the greatest profit.
Use the parent capital for a down payment. To do this, locate a company that may set off these funds. Be sure to review statutory and permitting documents. Do not trust firms-"something ephemeral". Use the services of only those that are on the market for the sale of real estate for over ten years.
Change jobs more lucrative or find a job. This can be done with the help of websites,, Of course, to work overtime hard. But you will very soon come nearer to the treasured purpose.
Learn about favorable terms of purchase. In Moscow such right is granted to young families, the disabled, war veterans. Information on the program "Young family - affordable housing" at the website Other categories of citizens should contact the district social welfare office, whose staff will tell you which documents you need to collect and what to do to purchase a cheap apartment.