Of course, learning without a teacher, the tutorials and the instructions have their flaws, but at the same time, this study has a number of advantages. The main advantages of home schooling, of course, are time and financial component.
Deciding to learn to dance at home, you will save quite a large amount of money as dance classes with a teacher are many. Buy or download a good video course on club dancing, insert the disc into a computer or DVD player, and begin to engage — it does not require any additional costs.
Fundamentals of dance technique to further improve you can buy with the help of the video course, but only under the condition of regular job. Make yourself home schedule. Do not skip classes — only the regular work will bring noticeable results.
In home training is very important volitional component of the house is no teacher who will give you tasks and monitor their implementation. In the process, over the course not worry about anything else.
Get dressed for your workout as comfortably and easily. Fitted top or t-shirt, shorts or sweatpants, socks or ballet shoes — these clothes are well suited for training.
In the room in which you are dancing, must be a big mirror in which you are reflected in the full-length and free space, measuring at least 2x2 m