You will need
  • Melon seeds,fertilizer,trays, the composition for seed germination,a greenhouse, a film, a mesh,wire.
Buy in-store seeds. Do not purchase seeds of random firms. Better to take them from known and trusted suppliers.
Sow the seeds for seedlings. You need to sow them in early March. Before sowing treat seeds with a special compound for rapid germination. Sow the seeds in small trays.
Transplant the seedlings at emergence of the first permanent leaves. Re-pot the plant in a large container. Sprinkle the sprouts with soil. Sprinkle the ground carefully, to the level of the first leaves. After a week, spray the seedlings microbiological fertilizer. It will help to kill parasites and strengthen the seedlings.
On a Sunny plot break the greenhouse. To plant the melon is recommended in mid-June. If necessary, cover the plant with plastic film.
Remove the tape (in two weeks), tie up the grown melon. Form its stem. When the stem is spread to the upper tier of the wire, priderite melon shoots. Weak shoots should be removed.
Put in a grid appearing ovaries of the fetus. Tie the mesh to the top of the greenhouse. Put something under the bottom of the ovary melon. This will help to keep them clean and prevent premature rotting.
Abundantly water the tops after the first three of the ovaries. Feed slurry or a solution of compost.
Reduce watering, do not fertilize melons in the period of maturation. Maturation occurs from mid-July to August. Remove the fruit from the scourge, when they begin to turn yellow.
Collect unripe green melon. Cover them with the cloth. They will ripen.
To grow melons easy. Sweet pleasure will be your reward!