Watermelon has long been famous for its valuable qualities. This sugar berry is able to quench your thirst on a hot day. Watermelon is widely used in diets, diuretic, antitoxic, and tonic actions.

To grow watermelon you can on the country and climatic zone in the middle, but for this purpose it is important to create optimal environmental conditions. Proper agricultural and environmental controls in the greenhouse will help to grow fragrant, sugar watermelon. The first and main condition is the choice of the zoned seeds. You should choose early varieties with short maturity. For a good germination the seeds must be warmed in warm water (t-60 ° C) for two hours, after which they germinated at a temperature of 40 ° C in a moist napkin, placing it in a plastic bag. After germination the seeds are sown in a greenhouse or in a greenhouse.
Prepare the soil

The soil is made from humus, fertile loam, and a large number of river sand. The addition of wood ash lowers the acidity of the soil, which positively affects the growth and development of plants. The soil should be highly fertile, structured, airy and moderately dry. It is desirable to make a high ridge, which will be purged to warm up from all sides, and will not have the risk of waterlogged soil when watering. Mandatory mulching with straw.
Seeding is preferably carried out by germinated seeds in the soil. The seedling method with subsequent transplant is very harmful to the plant, seedling long root and stunted. The reason for this behavior was the structure of the root parts of the plant. As well as a plant of watermelon is extremely light, at home when growing seedlings culture strongly drawn out. Sown in the greenhouse in late April when soil warming to 15 ° C. The plant felt comfortable in the greenhouse maintain the temperature of air not below 25-28 degrees.
The formation of watermelon whip helps to ensure a harvest in areas with cool climatic conditions. Watermelon forming one stem, removing all side shoots to a height of 50 inches and shoots, which is not observed the formation of ovaries. Leave no more than 2-3 fruit, remove the rest. After the appearance and extension of two watermelons, pinch out top of main stem.
Feed them at the beginning of the formation of side shoots and start flowering and fruiting. Watered abundantly, but until then, until the ovary is reached the size of a tennis ball. Then reduce watering and stop aging altogether.

Under ripe watermelon spread a mulch of dry straw or boards to prevent rotting of the fruit. Ensure uniform ripening method of turning the fetus different side to the world. Maturation occurs within 45 days from the moment of formation of the ovary.

When growing watermelon seedling method, it is necessary to use peat pots without subsequent dive. To plant the seedlings in the ground without removing it from the peat pots without disturbing the root system.