You will need
  • powder for baby clothes;
  • - special Laundry soap for baby clothes;
  • - potassium permanganate.
Abundance of all kinds of detergents, including for the little ones, coupled with wide spread of modern washing machines is significantly eased and simplified the problem of washing diapers. However, even this does not always guarantee a perfect result. Alas, the stain remains. Just as a question: how to wash?
One General rule: first sasteria the dirty diaper baby soap by hand. Then it can be put in the washing machine. Use powder specifically designed for washing children's accessories.
However, it should be noted that not all powders are even marked "baby clothes", as good as we would like. Sometimes they irritate the sensitive skin of babies. But ordinary soap does not always cope with the stains on the diapers. In this case, use a commercial, specially designed for washing children's clothes. For example, soap Aistenok - hypoallergenic, made from natural fats and oils have special additives for removal of specific contaminants for children. For reviews of young mothers, washes perfectly. Maxima soap - has a bleaching effect, hypoallergenic, judging by the reviews, washes well. This list goes on.
Special RUB a baby soap grated. Pour it in the washing machine. Wash at 60 degrees. Use a special conditioner for baby clothes.
To remove stubborn dirt, RUB the soap, put it in a bowl. Fill with hot water. Diaper asterite first, then dip in the prepared soap solution. Leave for a few hours. Then remove and wash in the washing machine.
Another tip is extracted from the depths of the Internet. Prepare a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Grate the diaper soap. Dip in potassium permanganate. Stains coming off easily.