What Pat diaper

In many countries iron is considered harmful to health. Americans believe that Ironing the fabric absorbs bad fumes that emit a sleeping child during the night. However, in the first days of his life, the child increasingly needs to beware of bacteria and viruses because his immune system is not yet formed properly.
If in the hospital the kid is still having nightmares by the end of the first month of life it sometimes becomes inflamed. At this period it is desirable to resume the Ironing of diapers.

Trapped in a hostile environment, a newborn baby should be protected from contact with outsiders and polluted places. It will take only a couple of months, and the need to boil pacifiers, disinfecting water for bathing and ironed all the baby stuff will disappear. Moreover, many pediatricians believe that too much cleanliness can harm the child, preventing him forming the natural protective mechanisms of the body.
Don't forget to disinfect water for bathing with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

As Pat diaper

If you do not wash diapers in the automatic washing machine at 90 ° C, to stroke their need for additional disinfection of the fabric. In addition, it is widely believed that swaddling clothes ironed after washing, and last longer. After Ironing diapers become softer and acquire a pleasant smell. Cotton flannel diapers and stroking on two sides maximum hot iron, and diaper calico stroked from the front side. You should bear in mind that the dry cotton while Ironing, can be moistened with water.

How long you need to iron diaper

It is useless to iron diapers in advance. It is better to ask relatives to iron all the cloth diapers, while you are in the hospital with the baby. Swaddling clothes of a baby in the first days of his life, pay attention to the umbilical wound was not folds of fabric to the blanket was well straightened. If the baby soiled a diaper, it must immediately change, not so much because of the possibility of irritation to the skin, but because of possible infection, open wound healing of the umbilical cord.

10-14 days after birth, the umbilical wound is healed. Since this time, dry cleaning the cradle, with two sides, and one side can be eliminated. From three to six months your child will be made a comprehensive vaccination against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus and polio. On the day of vaccination to make sure of the cleanliness of clothing and bedding. They will need to be ironed from both sides, in case of contamination immediately change.