In recent versions of Mozilla Firefox no longer prompts you to save Windows and tabs, so you need to configure your browser. Open a web browser and select "Tools", point "Settings". This will open a new dialog box.
Go to the tab "Privacy". In the "History" select from the drop down list set to "remember history" in the Firefox. Save these settings by clicking on the OK button in the lower right corner of the window.
In a situation when a session is terminated unexpectedly, restart the Internet browser. In the menu "Log" then click "Restore previous session"by clicking on it with the left mouse button. Loads all tabs that were active during the emergency closing of the browser window.
Using the option "Restore previous session", keep in mind one caveat: if you consistently close all open tabs and then the browser window will be restored only one tab (the one that remained active at the time of program exit). That this did not happen, close the browser or click the [x] in the upper right corner of the window or with the command "Exit" from menu "File", not the individual Windows and tabs.
If you run the browser you have open the pre-installed Firefox home page, not the one you have appointed yourself in the program window can also be a option to "Restore previous session". Click on the button with this command and wait for the restored open your previous tabs. If the interface is in English, the button will display the Restore Previous Session.
To change the designated home page on a preset in the menu "Tools" select "Settings" in the dialog box click the Main tab. Click on the "Restore defaults" under "Launch" and apply the new settings by pressing OK button.