You will need
  • - knowledge of the Law "On consumer rights",
  • - confidence.
If a product you purchased everything in order, you still can return them within 14 days from the date of purchase, if it is not specified in the list of goods not subject to refund. With all labels and seals must be in place, the packaging is intact, and the bought thing not to have traces of usage. The lack of the receipt does not deprive the buyer of the possibility to request the refund. But in this case it all depends on the seller whether he will go to meet you or not – the law this is not binding.
Please note that the law we are talking about the exchange of goods for the same, if it does not fit in size, style, size, color, configuration. And only in case of absence on the same day in the store of goods suitable for replacement, the buyer return the money. That is, if you intend to return the money for the purchased shoes, it is not necessary in the statement to indicate that they have not approached you.
In large network shops of returning the goods is usually no problem – enough to come back with a passport and complete an application form. Money you must return within three days.
Differently can be the case with small shops. If the employees of the store refuse, write a statement in two copies to the return of the goods, specifying the name of seller, name of store and address, their passport data, address, and telephone number. In the statement, specify the titles of articles of the Law "On consumer rights" to which you refer. A store employee who received the application must sign it with the date. One signed copy of Express yourself. Can also duplicate statement by email, it usually reads administration.
As a rule, these steps will be sufficient to convince everyone of the seriousness of your intentions. And, if there are serious grounds for refusal, your demands are met. Otherwise you can contact the Society for the protection of the rights of consumers in your city.
What to do if an item purchased via the Internet, it wasn't quite how you imagined, and you really don't like? If it is not a product made especially for you on order, you may return it to the store within seven days of receipt. Packaging, the labels must be integers. The seller is obliged to return you the money within ten days from the date of submission of your requirements. The costs of delivering the goods to the seller you are carrying, unless otherwise described in your Agreement with the seller.