You will need
  • -statement
  • -order form T-6
  • -order form number T-8
  • -full payment
The employee must apply for leave and specify the dismissal. It must be done two weeks before the planned vacation. If the employer approves the statement of the employee, is required to issue two orders – on vacation(e and resignation.
The order of vacatione filled on a unified form T-6. Filling should be done in accordance with the instructions of Goskomstat of the Russian Federation from 5.01.04 to No. 1. In the order you need to write the start and end time holidaysand, name of employee, number of the structural unit and position.
Simultaneously with the order about leavee issued the order about the dismissal of the employee. This document is issued on a unified form T-8. The termination date shall identify the following, which is the last day of the vacation.
The employee needs to give the full calculation, documents and service book. In the work book you need to make the date of dismissal, under her signature fired.
If the employee leaves after the next holidayand there is no need to work for 2 weeks, specified in the TC. In this situation, when the dismissal occurs before a holidayω to change your mind and withdraw your application impossible, this was stated in the letter of Rostrud No. 5277-6-1.
In the case that an employee takes during the holidaysand with the subsequent dismissal, sick leave, vacation will not be extended and the termination date is not transferred, although the hospital is paid.
If the employer does not agree to provide leave with the subsequent dismissal, the employee must submit a statement of dismissal, to work for two weeks and receive compensation for unused vacation , and full payment on the day following the last waste.
Apply for a dismissal not only before the next vacationOhm, but during it. In this case, you should notify the employer two weeks before the end of vacationand to not have to work.