The composition of reporting companies with limited liability (OOO) depends on the chosen form of taxation: General or simplified. Companies that use the General taxation system, pass into the bodies of the Federal tax service balance sheets, declarations for all the types of taxes paid, information about the average number of employees, reports to Pension Fund, social insurance Fund, the bodies of statistics. Under the simplified system this list excludes balances, the Declaration you need to pass only a single tax, except for notarization of books of income and expenses.
To ensure the formation of reliable reporting, follow the completeness and correctness of all primary documents, a timely reflection of operations under accounts of accounting. Errors can cause during the inspection the tax inspection does not recognize the part of the expenditure and donacilla taxes.
For reporting , LLC use the unified forms of documents established by regulation. Follow their updates, the tax authorities do not accept reports submitted in the form of inactive editors. Meet the requirements forms can be found in the legal databases or purchased at the tax office.
If you use accounting special programs: 1C, BEST, Sail, etc., with proper reflection operations reporting on all tax types and forms of balance can be generated automatically. In that case, if records are maintained manually in filling the declarations carefully read the explanations of them, to avoid errors.
Very convenient to the reporting , OOO in online accounting, especially if we are talking about small business. Sign up on the website electronic accounting, load Bank statements, information about revenues and expenditures, staff salary, and the system will generate reports, to update their forms, calculate taxes, etc in addition, by using such web services, you can take reporting to tax, statistical authorities and off-budget funds in electronic form.
Despite the automation of processes of preparation and delivery of reports, balances, declarations, and other settlements should have on paper, so print and store them along with the tax inspection about reception, email sending or email protocols, if you send documents via the Internet.