When you open your own business once you have questions regarding submission of tax and other reporting. Reporting depends on the tax regime, the deadline for reporting to the tax inspection does not coincide with the timing of payment of taxes. In accordance with the law, the reporting format should follow the requirements of Civil and Tax codes.
The businessmen working on simplified system of taxation, are obliged to prepare and deliver such quarterly reports: statement on contributions to the territorial Department of the Social insurance Fund, which is before the 15th day following the quarter of the month; reporting to the Pension Fund is available until the 30th day following the preceding quarter of the month; a balance sheet and a report be submitted at the territorial tax authority by the 30th of the next quarter month.
If the entrepreneur does not use hired labor, reporting, respectively, is minimal. To pass the quarterly report yourself by contacting the tax office, you can also issue a power of attorney on the person who will do the reporting. In addition, a quarterly report is allowed to post or send in electronic form via the Internet. When using postal services recommended inventory investment. The date of delivery of the report will be considered the day on which a letter was sent with the documents.
A quarterly report will be the basis of the annual report, so his preparation and delivery is important for the entrepreneur. Payment of taxes in accordance with the quarterly report is until the 25th day following the quarter of the month.
The documents were adopted by the tax authority and state funds, they must properly execute and submit the mandatory details. It usually deals with either the accountant or the businessman, or organization that provides services for the delivery of tax statements. If the organization does not conduct financial transactions and production costs, it is made zero accountability. The transition to another tax system is possible only in the beginning of next year, if you pre-apply to the tax authority.