To refuse to provide information you can in the case where it is a state or commercial secret. Also the number of distributed information are any other secrets protected by the law. The decision on refusal in receiving the information must be given in a special notice.
The drafting of the document notifying about the refusal to grant information, you are given only three days. However, really this is the case if you have received a written request. In the case when the information you have requested in a telephone conversation or another private conversation, may be denied orally.
When composing a written notice on refusal to provide requested information necessary to specify, first and foremost, the reason why such decision was made. It needs to be spelled out quite clearly and preferably concisely. If the information is not directly protected by law secret, can you specify the reasons for which it cannot be separated from information protected by law.
In addition, the notice also should indicate the official who made the decision to refuse issuing of information. It is advisable to indicate the telephone number to contact in case there are points of contention.
Do not forget to specify the date when the decision was made to withdraw the availability of information.
To refuse can not only irrevocably, but in a small period of time. In this case we speak about a delay. It can be used in the case if you cannot provide information within the period is 7 days. In this case also sent a notification. To complete and send it within 3 days.
Specify in the notice an explanation of the reason why you can't give the information immediately. Be sure to specify the date by which will be ready in the required information. Also specify the person who took the decision to defer and the date when it has been determined that decision.