Statistically proven that with age, IQ change. They reach their peak 25 years. In the world it is considered that the IQ of 100 points, is average. IQ five-year child reaches 50-75 points in 10 years, it ranges from 70 to 80 points, in 15-20 years it can reach the average value for an adult of 100 points. In many countries (e.g. USA and Japan) on the basis of IQ tests-tests taken of gifted children, and then they are trained in enhanced and accelerated system. This is due to the fact that children with a high for his age, IQ, they tend to learn much better and faster than their peers.


No matter how it sounded weird, but IQ varies from race to race. For example, the average IQ for African Americans is 86 points, for whites of European descent he is 103 points, and for the Jews - 113 points. All this speaks in favor of the supporters of scientific racism. However, from year to year this gap is narrowing.


Women and men have no differences from each other in the intellect, but according to statistics, IQ between them varies depending on age. Boys aged up to 5 years more intelligent peers, but from the age of 10-12 years, girls are ahead of boys in development. This gap eroding to 18-20 years.

Normal IQ

The IQ of an adult person depends on many factors - genetics, upbringing, environment, race, etc. Although the average IQ is about 100 points, it changes from 80 points to 180. The limit laid down in the classic IQ test on IQ, developed by British psychologist Hans Eysenck in 1994. In order to obtain adequate data on the test, it should pass 1 time per life in adulthood. Repeated passage distorts and overstates the results.

If your IQ is below 80 points, it talks about physical and mental deviations person. If the IQ exceeds 180 points, it talks about the genius of the owner of such points. But these dependencies are rather conventional. For example, the great physicist albert Einstein was the most laggard in the top of her class, that did not stop him in the future to develop the theory of relativity. And on the other hand, according to the Guinness book of world records, the largest IQ of 228 points was recorded in 1989, ten-year-old American Marilyn In a Shroud. On this personal achievement for her end.