You will need
  • receipt for payment of state duty;
  • -handle;
  • -money.
Get details for payment of registration fee. This can be done in the savings Bank or the local branch of the FMS. If the time to visit these instances you have not, print a payment receipt from the Internet. When downloading receipts pay special attention to the area of residence, since the requisites for the subjects of the Russian Federation differ. You can find them on the websites of the FMS (Federal migration service) in your area.
On the website you can find links to the many departments of the Federal migration service in Russia.
Fill in the receipt, indicate the purpose of the payment and its amount. Depending on whether you do a ordinary or biometric passport, filling of the column "purpose of payment" will be different. In the case of registration of passports of the old sample in this part of the receipt is written "the state duty for registration of passports (or stamp duty for registration of passports of the child"). If you decide to do a biometric passport, you should write "the state duty for registration of passports, containing electronic media".
Since 2010, the stamp duty increased.
-passport of the old sample adult (valid for 5 years) -1000 rubles;
-passport of the old sample child ( under 14) - 300 rubles;
-biometric passport-adult (valid 10 years) -2500 rubles;
the biometric passport child -1200 rubles.
Don't forget to put the receipt to the payer, payment date, and sign it.
Pay the receipt at any Bank branch. The receipt issued by the operator, or print on your receipt will be proof of payment of the state duty for the passport. It should be noted that the Bank should not charge a fee for this operation, i.e. you have to pay exactly the amount of the fee.
Attach the receipt to the set of documents for application for issuance of passport.