The fee

The citizen of Russia there is a choice between international passports of two kinds: it is a document of the old sample with a validity of 5 years and a biometric passport of new generation, which is issued for 10 years. Migration service experts suggest to focus on the second option, as at the border crossings some countries require a biometric passport. The size of the state duty for issuance of the identity card of the new generation is 2500 rubles, for minors under 14 years - 1200 rubles. The fee for a passport with a validity of 5 years is much lower: adults – 1,000 rubles, for children under 14 years – 300 rubles. The money may be refunded partially or completely in case of refusal of the document. Citizens of the Russian Federation living in the Kaliningrad region are exempted from payment of the state fee.

Payment via Bank

Requisites for payment of state duty for issuance of passport can be found in the Bank, in the nearest branch office of the Federal migration service or the FMS website for your region. These data must be entered in the form, which can be downloaded on the Internet or take in a credit institution, after which you want to make the payment. State fee is paid only on the territory of the locality in which an application for registration of a foreign passport. According to the article 333.17 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, the payer must pay the stamp duty on their behalf. To pay the fee for children will be their parents, adoptive parents or guardians. In this case, the "Payer" indicate the name of a minor.

Payment via self-service terminals

Payment terminals of Sberbank of Russia" – one of the fastest and easiest methods of payment of state duty for issuance of passport, do not require you details and filling out the forms. In addition, the service is available for payment with a credit card. In order to make a payment, just go to the section "Fines, taxes and state fees", choose the menu item "registration fee FMS (passport)", enter the surname, name, patronymic, date of birth and phone number. Check, which will give the terminal will be the official document testifying to the payment, so the data should not contain errors. After a careful check of the entered information you must make money or prove of Bank transfer payment. The Commission for the payment of state duty through the self-service terminal is not charged. A receipt will be valid for three years.