Whiskers at strawberry place only in the case if you plan to obtain planting material for propagation. For seedlings, leave a few bushes, which give grow and take root three outlets. Do not forget that when you receive your seedlings, you will not get from the parent plant abundant harvest of berries or, in extreme cases, the berries will grow, but will be fine. The first outlet is cut off from the parent Bush is the most valuable seedling strawberry, which has retained all the qualities of a cultivated variety.

First moustache appear strawberries after flowering. You can delete immediately or to wait for the advent of the mustache, and to work on their cutting at the same time.

Trimming the mustache actually spent in Sunny, dry day in the morning or in the evening. With the help of usual scissors or shears carefully cut the offshoot to the parent plant.

During the cropping guide further work to remove dull and dry leaves. After a period of fruiting before the onset of the cold season, the strawberries you can leave only bare stems.

As soon as trimming a mustache is finished, immediately clean the plantation means from pests and diseases. You can buy it in the store for gardeners. Trade names can be different. As a popular methods to protect strawberries from pests and diseases, use wood ash. 1 square meter will require 100 g of sifted ash.

After cropping, prepare the plantation for the winter. To do this, carefully sprinkle the beds with a pincushion. This will help the plants to survive the winter without any losses and give next year a bountiful harvest.

Removal of whiskers is quite a laborious procedure. If you are not willing to spend it annually, breed beardless varieties of strawberries: "Alexandria", "Ali Baba", "holiday", "Weis Solemacher", "Yellow miracle", "rügen", and others.