After receiving a letter from the Prosecutor's office in the first place it carefully examine and evaluate. Consider whether all the facts correspond to the true state of Affairs.
Mark, what violations can be corrected in the near future, what should be required for execution of any of his subordinates, which is far-fetched and, therefore, correction is not needed.
Prosecutors who sent you the letter should refer to "the instruction about an order of consideration of appeals and reception of citizens in bodies of Prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation", he shall within seven days notify you that the complaint sent to your address.
For all the above steps you given one month in the case, if the message is required to take any action. You have a week if you want to only give the answer or redirect the letter to an official in whose competence are the issues raised therein.
Redirect the notification to the court, putting in the cover letter the reasons why you sent this document. In that case, if it's not all questions, but only part of them, send a copy of the document, specifying in the cover letter, what questions, in your opinion, fall within its purview.
In any case, immediately send a response to the Prosecutor's office, putting which issues a letter transmitted for execution to another officer, and by what measures you take yourself. If the facts are not true, give an answer within seven days.
In the letters sent by the Prosecutor's office often contains the item "to give an answer within three days. This is nothing more than "administrative increase", and there is no legitimate ground under a does not. However, in order not to aggravate relations, you can perform the item, remembering that within the specified period you are asked only to give an answer.
If the deficiencies requires more time and write. Work with complaints and applications of citizens in state institutions is based not so much on the actual action taken as on the responses. Certainly, we should not substitute one for the other, but the knowledge of this rule creates for the performer a lot of freedom to maneuver.