To avoid such problems when feeding, correctly attach the baby to the breast. To do this, tightly squeeze his tummy to itself so that the nipple was at the level of the spout. Keep the chest hand: the thumb should be on top, and all the others to be on the bottom (the index should be from the nipple not closer than 5 inches) parallel to the bottom of the sponge baby. Wait until the kid widely opens a mouth, and aim the nipple at the sky (up). You need to at the same time and he and the areola was deep in his mouth of the crumbs from the bottom more than the top. The upper and lower lips sucking must be turned outwards.
The reason for the "bending" of the infant at the breast may be a form of the nipple. Pay attention to your nipples: retracted or flat shape complicates the latched baby, this sluciae little hard to hold the breast in her mouth. Show persistence and patience. In the early days, offering a breast, well support the baby's head. Stretching the nipples before feeding do special exercises. Being in the nursing home, ask for help from an experienced midwife or lactation consultant. Don't worry it's a temporary problem: as a rule, not a month goes by and the baby is pulling the nipple as for it is more convenient.
If the baby is under the age of one month, arched his chest, it's possible that he can't cope with a strong flow of milk. To help him, sadites a little and let the chest again.
A baby older than one month may behave similarly due to the fact that the milk flow has become weaker, consequently it was harder to suck. Newborns in this situation can fall asleep at the breast, but as they get older, they begin to Express dissatisfaction with the scandals or bending, especially if they have experience of sucking a bottle or pacifier. Therefore, do not accustom the baby to them, otherwise he will quickly understand that there are more convenient for sucking objects, and refuses the breast.