Analyze the mistake in the purpose of payment. If it is insignificant, it is enough to send a letter to the contractor and report the error. However, in some cases incorrectly specified purpose may entail serious consequences, so you need to play it safe and go through the complete procedure of amending.
Compose a formal letter to the Director of the recipient. Specify the date of funds transfer and payment order number. Let, in the field "Purpose of payment" provided incorrect information. Ask them to change the information on the corresponding entry. Choose the correct formulation of the purpose of the payment. Sign the letter with signature and enterprise seal. Put the reference number of the correspondence.
Make four copies of this notice. Pass all letters to the Bank through which you transfer the required amount to the wrong payment order. One copy will be returned back with the mark of Bank about receipt, the second will remain on the credit institution, and the rest will go to the Bank counterparty.
Make sure that the Bank counterparty has received both letters. Here the application will be filed in the case file to incorrectly filled payment order and the second copy is sent to the client. The fix for the purpose of payment will be made to all documents on which covers the transfer of funds.
Remember that banks provide a service to change the destination of the payment for free. However, some organizations may require a fee.
Specify this information in advance to prevent disputes. In some cases, Bank employees can refuse to accept the letter of correction, as it is associated with certain paperwork. Here you should be guided by the provisions of chapters 45 and 46 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation.