Minimize human interaction, jealousy which is obvious. Some people jealous of others that do not even bother to hide it. They can be jealous of everything: career, happy marriage, birth of children, inheritance. Such people are delighted to see other people's failures. Communicating with them be very rare, as they are unreliable and can fail in a difficult situation.
Alerted, if the person says that is jealous of you in white. White envy - the same envy, it differs from black only in that it is conscious.The catch in this phrase, even if said friend, is that you don't know how often he is jealous of you in white. Envy can easily turn into black and even harm the relationship.
If you want to check a friend or relative on the subject of envy, evaluate his reaction when you tell once again about their success. The sincere joy with nothing to confuse. If a man really happy for you, he will not look away, will be to listen carefully and to Express positive emotions.
Think about the feelings of the person, if he has a strange reaction to your happy moments of life. For example, you talk about achievements, but his mood changes dramatically. He may suddenly become sad or irritated. This suggests that your success cause him to envy.
Note the reaction of friends when you appear before them at the chic new clothes, which you to face. Those who consciously does not notice and does not say anything about the new dress (purse, shoes), is quite obviously jealous of you.
The envy of some colleagues at work can also be identified. It manifests itself in different jokes and criticisms when it's working, and they don't. They can deliberately reduce the importance and challenge of your work, mention the fact that it can handle any.
The envy of friends is determined by how they listen to you. If you talk about how you spent your vacation in a warm country, a man suddenly gets a bored look out the window or leaf through a magazine, this does not mean that he is not interested in listening. Most likely, he's jealous and trying to hide this feeling under a mask of indifference.
To recognize jealousy in itself is no less difficult. Even if you are sure that you are completely satisfied with life and you do not envy anyone, you notice a strange reaction when communicating with people.For example, after talking with a friend who had recently given birth, you are glad of her happiness. But after talking to you find sadness and bad mood. It is also a kind of envy.
Learn to recognize and cope with their own jealousy because it is a sinful feeling, corroding the person from within. Excessive jealousy can cause serious bodily harm. Convince yourself that life is exactly what will make you happy, and difficulty is only a temporary phenomenon. Envy is meaningless, because the lives of all people, without exception, are the joys and sorrows, UPS and downs.