You will need
  • calculator;
  • - regional regulations;
  • - lease agreement.
Calculation of a rent for municipal property transferred is subject to the Housing and Land code of the Russian Federation. The General formula for all regions is determined based on the amount of rent is equal to the area of land or housing, multiplied by a correction, the zonal ratio and the base rate applicable to a particular type of property.
All the indexes use in accordance with regional laws. In each region, the coefficients can vary considerably, so the calculation may look different.
If in your area the base rate is equal to 5, a correction factor of – 3, zone 2, output housing area – 60 m2, the calculation will be as follows: 60х5х3х2=1800 is the amount for the lease of a municipal apartment of 60 m2 in one year. You can get onthe cost for the year, for 6 months, for the quarter, but most often the calculation of rent is for one month. 1800:12=150 rubles – the amount of rent per month, excluding utility bills.
At the same odds payment for the land leased, an area equal to 100 m2, the amount of the rent will be determined based 100х5х3х2=3000 rubles – payment for one year. If 3000:12=250 rubles – rent for 1 month.
The municipal property transferred in the course of the auction, enjoy a preferential rate on the zonal index. Depending on regional regulations, the amount of zonal coefficient can be below several times or no. If the transferred land plot for individual housing construction the object is not completed within the time specified in the contract, the amount of rent increases due to the fact that it begins to act the General zonal coefficient applied to all categories of the municipal property transferred in rent.
When the lease of private ownership of the payment amount determine by agreement between the parties.