Avoid repetition of an unpleasant situation. Make conclusions from it and forget about it. In the end, everyone can have a bad day, but it should not affect your inner peace. Use the following psychological trick. Imagine yourself as a rock against which the waves (your life's troubles) and no storm can not break.
Replace negative thought positive. It helps to learn not only attention to pesky little things, but gradually will form in you an optimistic attitude to life. Of course, it will be difficult, but soon the substitution will happen automatically. To help you focus on the positive things, hold them in a special notebook. Date the page and write in a column all the good things that happened to you during the day.
Try not to do what brings you discomfort. Start with at least a waiver of the daily news with a negative focus. The longer you practice cutting off the unpleasant emotions and to focus on what you really like, the easier it will be to control the emergence of experiences. Subsequently, you will cease to take to heart some small everyday problems, biased remarks, etc.
Believe in your power. Take it for granted that whatever happened, life goes on. You can't afford to give up at least for the sake of loved ones. Among them surely is or will be required in the future those who are happy with you and for which you are (will become) as an example. If you continue to injure yourself groundless worries, it will lead to anxiety, stress, irritability, possible depression, which may lead to more serious health problems.