Exercise. Beautiful toned body is the most important attribute of a handsome man. You do not have to swing to create a picture of the relief of the muscles, but to get rid of body fat, including "beer belly" have. Physical activity will help you not only look good but also feel better. Start the day with a jog, join a pool, swing press, back and hands (which is quite possible to do at home).
Eat right. What you eat directly affects your appearance. In order to become more beautiful, will have to limit the consumption of fatty, fried, overly salty and sweet. Eat more vegetables, fruits, chicken breast and veal.
Get rid of bad habits. Alcohol and tobacco can greatly affect the condition of skin, hair and teeth. Yellowish complexion, oily skin and hair, bags under the eyes, dark yellow plaque on the teeth - all this accompanied by heavy smokers and drinkers. If you are not ready to completely abandon alcohol and cigarettes, will have at least reduce their number. And remember that quality is not only important for beauty but also for your health.
Cares for the skin. Of course, it is much thicker and rougher than women, and therefore ages slower. But she needs care. Purchase a cleansing gel, and every time you washing your face morning and evening use. You also need a moisturizer to use which is better in the morning. Today there are a lot of series of men's cosmetics, so don't be afraid to smell women's scents.
Visit the salon at least once a month. Haircut and manicure should become obligatory points of the program of a hike to the experts. Unkempt hair and hands is an indication that you do not follow yourself.
Stick to a single style in clothes. Try to choose one or the other, for example, business or style of "kezhl". Buy wardrobe items so that they can be combined with existing ones.
Don't skimp on the accessories. Shoes, belts, cufflinks and permane talking about the man more than he thinks. They will have to spend a lot of money, but these things will last for years.