You will need
  • - rod;
  • - dumbbell;
  • - the crossbar.
Do pullups on the crossbar, to achieve the development of muscles. This exercise is difficult to replace by any other. After all, to catch up not only in the gym but also in the yard, and home.
Grab the bar with your hands, the distance between your hands slightly wider than shoulders. Palms face yourself. Hang, slightly bent legs. Bend at the waist and keep blades. Slowly pull your elbows to your body and rise up until touching the chin bar. Then slowly lower yourself down. Don't relax your back and not polysite freely on hand. This can lead to injury of the muscles of the triceps.
To create a slim waist needs study not only the abdominal muscles, you need to create a so-called muscular corset. The perfect exercise for the core muscles remains smooth. This isometric exercise should be perform daily for 1-2 minutes.
Take the position of the push-up position on elbows. Elbows place strictly under the shoulder joints. Rest on the floor socks feet. Due to the tension in the muscles of the body hold the body absolutely straight from head to toe. Keep your back straight, as if it is pressed to a flat Board. The lower back is in any case not gigibyte not prohibite. Tighten your buttocks. Hold this position for about a minute.
Pick up a heavy barbell. Stand straight with hands over the bar freely lowered along the body. Not changing position of hands and keeping your back straight, raise your shoulders up as if trying to reach them from ear to ear. Slowly lower them down, feel the muscles stretch under the weight of the rod. Do three sets of 5-8 repetitions. This exercise focused on the development of the deltoid muscle.
Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart. Pick up a barbell. Hands are freely lowered along the body. Raise the barbell up by bending your elbows. At the top the rod should be as close as possible to the shoulders, hold for a few seconds and slowly lower the barbell to the starting position. The lifting of the weight focused on the development of shoulders and biceps. You can perform this exercise using dumbbells.
Working on the most recognizable signs of the male silhouette, do not forget that 80% of women most erotic part of the male body is called buttocks. Be sure to add in a workout of squats. This will enable you to simultaneously strengthen all the muscles of the legs and buttocks.