You will need
  • - Photoshop;
  • image;
  • - a picture of wrinkles.
Open both images in photoshop and place the photo with wrinkles on top of the image to which they should impose. To do this, you can enable the Move tool and drag the image with the wrinkles in the window with the processed picture. Another way to get the same result is to select the image with the wrinkles the All option menu Select copy option Copy Edit menu and paste into another document the Paste option.
Using the Transform options group Edit menu and Move Tool align the wrinkles with the face to which you applied. Using masks to hide unnecessary details on the upper layer. To do this, apply the option group Reveal All Layer Mask on Layer, activate Brush Tool, click the mask and paint over areas of the image that you want to hide, black color. In order to create a smooth transition between the upper and lower layer, reduce the value of the Hardness setting in the brush settings.
It may be that the wrinkles in the image is not enough to blend all the desired area of the edited pictures. In this case, copy the visible area of the picture with wrinkles on a new layer, loading the selection option, Load Selection menu Select. As the source selection from the Channel list, select a layer name and the word Mask. Option Layer via Copy New group, menu Layer create a new layer. If this option is not available, click on the icon image on the layer mask.
Applying the tool Clone Tool, put wrinkles where they are not enough. To do this, click on the area with wrinkles, holding Alt on the keyboard. Copy the pixels from the specified source to the free section of the layer. Turn off the visibility layer with wrinkles and the mask and reduce the opacity of the copy layer to the wrinkles by up to forty to fifty percent using this controller Opacity in the layers palette.
If the area with wrinkles is different in color from other fragments of the face, touch up her photo filter. For this option the Photo Filter of the group New Adjustment Layer menu, add Layer to document new adjustment layer. In the settings window, check the Color. As the filter color, click the color of the skin in the picture.
To limit the scope of the impact of the adjustment layer to edit the mask. To do this, go to the layer with the lines and load allocation, using as source the transparency of this layer. Option Invert menu Select invert selection. Click on the adjustment layer and fill the mask with black color in the selected area.
The finished image, save in jpg format, using the option Save As File menu.