The founder has the right to withdraw from it with the consent of the other founders or no, if such a right is secured for him by the Charter. Right of the founder to the output may be provided when establishing the company or after him - by the General meeting of founders, taking action, making and registration of amendments in the Charter. All amendments to the Charter of the LLC must be registered in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL).
The exit of the founder from structure of founders of LLC is not allowed when in fact OOO is only one founder, or if the result of the exit of the founder, LLC will remain the founders at all. If the founder decided to withdraw from the founders to contribute to the assets of the company, the release will not relieve him from the obligation to make such contributions.
The LLC can withdraw from the founders in the following ways:
1. on their own party.
2. by selling shares in the company, other participants or third parties.
In the first case, the proportion of founder goes to the LLC since the filing of the application for withdrawal from the LLC. The latter shall be bound to pay the founder a cash equivalent of its share. Such equivalent shall be determined on the basis of accounting statements of LLC for the year during which the application was filed to withdraw from the LLC.
In the second case the founder has the right to sell or otherwise to concede the share in the authorized capital of the company one or more founders of this company or a third party. The legislation provides for a preferential right to purchase shares of the other founders Also by the LLC's Charter may provide for the preemptive right of the LLC on the acquisition of a stake sold by its founder, if the other founders do not wish to use their preemptive right. Therefore, to secede from the founders , you must first notifying the other founders , and the LLC of withdrawal. The notice shall state the proportion, its value, other conditions of sale. If the founders and LLC within one month (or specified in the Charter period) does not exercise the right to purchase the share, then the founder sells it to third parties.
For the direct sale of shares is a contract of sale. Amends the Charter of the LLC, as it changed the composition of the founders. It is worth remembering that the deal aimed at alienation of a participatory interest in the authorized capital of the company (in any way), be notarized. This is followed by registration in the register. The procedure for the withdrawal of the founder from LLC ends.