You will need
  • calculator, currency Converter
Calculate how many dollars will match your ruble savings, you can own. For this on the Internet, on television or from information stands of any Bank know what the rate of dollar today. For example on 05.07.2011 year the exchange rate of the dollar against the ruble equal 27.8037, and you wish to convert in the $ 1,000 Russian rubles. For this, armed with a calculatorohms, divide 1000 by 27.8037, in the end we will get 35,9, that is how much you will receive by exchanging your thousand. If you want to reverse the procedure, i.e. to translate dollars into rubles, you need to multiply the number of available money you have in a number equal to the rate ofthe dollar. For example, the$ 50 will be leveled 1390 RUB. (50 must be multiplied by 27.8037).
If you do not wish to make calculations independently, please contact the Bank. Before producing your currency exchange, they are required to report how much money you get in the end. If the current rate of the dollar does not suit you, you have the right to abandon the operation. In many modern cell phones have built-in currency converters. Using them is as simple as online converters on the Internet, but there is one caveat - you need a program to update, if the phone is not connected to the Internet, the data will be outdated, and the course of the dollar is very unstable and can change every day or even more often.
You can use another, perhaps the most convenient way: of the program Converter. Such a program can easily find on the Internet for "currency Converter". Simply choose the desired currency, for example, from rubles to dollars, enter the amount in the special window, click "Translate" and get the result.