You will need
  • aseptic bandage;
  • - ice;
  • - examination of the doctor-the ophthalmologist;
  • - "Sodium gluconate";
  • - "Askorutin";
  • - "Did";
  • "Dexason";
  • - antibacterial ointments;
  • - a solution of quinine;
  • - vitamin a;
  • - solkoseril ointment;
  • - "Methyluracil".
Symptoms injury eyes can not only cover signs of damage to the eyeball, but also the entire body. In the first hours, the patient may experience nausea, dizziness, headache and loss of consciousness. Uncomplicated contusion of the eye is edema and hematoma of the eye, associated with pain, decreased vision, increase or decrease in IOP.
Self-help is to impose an aseptic bandage and bubble with ice on the forehead or the temple. Then be sure to head to the clinic. In a specialized ocular account details will establish the amount of damage to eyes with the help of special methods of examination. Making x-rays of the skull and orbits in 2-d projections.
If necessary, perform the primary surgical treatment of injuries of the appendages of the eye, surgery to restore the lachrymal canal. In the case of a sharp decrease of the intraocular pressure check the sclera on the subject podchinyonnogo hemorrhage.
Medical treatment includes the use of intramuscular hemostatic means – "sodium Gluconate", "Askorutin", "Dicynone", etc. means are Also required to reduce the permeability of blood vessels and reducing intraocular pressure, antibiotics. "Dexason" reduces inflammation and swelling.
Erosion of the cornea treated with antibiotic ointments, solution of quinine, vitamin A, solcoseryl ointment.
To improve the healing process prescribed intramuscular vitamins, peroralno – "Methyluracil".
When injuries to the eyes more dangerous are the wounds on the eyelids. Even small wounds will require surgical intervention. Violation of anatomical integrity, particularly in the inner corner, where is located lacrimal organs, can lead to further eversion, inversion, wrong growth of eyelashes, and persistent lacrimation.