You will need
  • - dump(s);
  • - start-up capital;
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • phone.
Find start-up capital. First of all you should think where to get money to buy the truck(s). Everything will depend on how fast you want to succeed in this business. For the first time, you may be enough for 2-3 machines, but later, as you expand, you will have to increase this number.
Count on several million rubles. They can take a loan from a Bank or find an investor who is interested in this idea. Or cooperate with several partners to collect the starting amount. One it is always difficult to start any business.
Purchase high-quality equipment. Remember that this factor will depend on the duration of your work. To start with and the domestic manufacturer KAMAZ, MAZ.
Buy truck ZIL, if the budget allows you quite a bit. Can also get some Chinese trucks. They are certainly inferior in quality but much cheaper to repair and they have a large payback. More durable trucks produced in the United States and Europe. Buy a few cars from these countries already in the course of doing business.
Analyze the market in the area of their residence. Open sites or magazines on the construction theme, where they write ads. Find the sections that mention about the sale of gravel, sand or other materials delivered to any object.
Call each office that you have found according to this criterion. Everywhere ask the question, did they involve transport. If the answer is positive, leave your coordinates. Work this way all the ads.
Follow the first order. Truck cargo from point a to point B. at First you need to analyze the current market and prices. So try to perform a large number of orders. You will learn all the nuances of this case, namely the arrangement of pits, platforms, delivery process, etc.
Make many professional acquaintances. As transportation take the contact details of a greater number of customers. This important step will guarantee your employment for a long time.