The human body can get enough calcium from the eggshell. To do this, crush the shell, thoroughly cleansed from the inner film, in a coffee grinder. Take 1 teaspoon 2-3 times a day. After a month of taking need to take a break for three months.
Well absorbed calcium from milk and cheese, fish and meat. If you eat these foods regularly, you will forget about brittle nails and dull looking hair.
All vitamin-mineral complexes provides the daily dose of calcium. You can take vitamins only if their composition does not cause you allergies.
By the pronounced lack of calcium, the doctor will prescribe you medications that contain a large dose of this substance. For example: "Calcemin", "Calcium Gluconate", "Calcium Lactate", "Berroko", etc.
If you are concerned about the poor condition of nails, hair and skin, that is not always due to lack of calcium. Visit a therapist and get tested, it is possible that you will have to apply to the endocrinologist.