You will need
    • cabbage
    • vegetable oil
    • pan
    • salt
    • spices
    • greens
    • garlic
The first step is to cut the cabbage. Classic cookbooks suggest to cut it with checkered. Oil for frying, you can take any, the main thing that it was vegetable and suitable for frying. If the oil has a distinct taste, and the cabbage that taste will be felt. Pour oil in a pan and heat it well.
Put the cabbage into the pan, give it a little prioritise with one hand. Using two blades, or spoons, gently stir the cabbage, turn it over and fry the other side too. This should be done at maximum flame, will not departing from the plate to the cabbage is not burnt.
In the result of roasting cabbage gives it a nice Golden color, but up and ready, it is still far. Turn down the heat. If roasting in a pan is left a little oil, add a little more. The degree of absorption of oil cabbage depends on its grade. Cover skillet and simmer 20 minutes.
If the cabbage is young, extinguishing time can be shortened, so as not to get porridge. You probably already noticed, is still in the recipe was not mentioned no salt, no spices. And that's right, they add to the dish to literally 5 minutes until cooked.
Open the lid, add salt and pepper cabbage. Garlic lovers can add him too. Stir contents of the pan, for flavor you can put a piece of melted butter, cover and give some more stew. The finished fried cabbage can be sprinkled with herbs.