Stay in society freely and easily, confidently and with dignity. Not to get lost in front of a large audience in the spotlight, develop his eloquence and ability to think logically. So you will always be able to articulate his thoughts, even without a prepared text before your eyes.
Almost all people have a "streak" of the soul society, just need to work on them. Feel free to make new acquaintances, communicate with interesting distinguished persons. Read recognized classics and contemporary authors to expand your vocabulary. This will help always and with any interlocutor to find topics of conversation.
Don't talk about people badly, not tittle-tattles and do not gossip. Try to treat the interviewee as you would like them to treat you. If you are in an unfamiliar company, do not break the rules adopted there, and not condemn them.
Humor can help you out if you find yourself in a difficult situation and will not know how to answer the question. Don't be afraid to say, I don't know something.
Learn to listen to the interlocutor, do not interrupt him. My opinion on the matter will show then. If you interrupted, do not specify the person to his mistake, listen to what he has to say.
Remember the names of the people with whom you are familiar. Accept gifts with gratitude and a smile, don't show your discontent if you are not satisfied with something.
In the cinema or the theatre, walking to his place by sitting people, turn to face them. If you have already taken your seat, miss latecomer, stand up. Open the doors of public places in front of women, elderly and children.
Remember that punctuality is the politeness of kings. Don't be late for the meeting assigned to you. Don't forget the word "Hello", "goodbye", "sorry", "please", "thank you."