Learn how to correlate the scope of the disaster. Determine for yourself those events about which you can really worry about and that can leave you indifferent – to illness of relatives and close friends, the well-being of family, friends. This is what can hurt the soul, and about what you may feel anxiety or experience sorrow. Think about what the irreparable misfortunes are death and terminal illness, everything else can be fixed.
Based on this, you can control your feelings. Instead of being upset and hurt, suffering and crying, you can spend that time pondering the situation and search for a reasonable way out of it. Your experiences just inaction, during which you exhaust yourself emotionally. Then you are devastated and feel physical fatigue. Isn't it better to spend their forces to action?
Stop trying to relive those events that had not yet arrived. It often happens that intuitively or due to life experience you can predict the unfavourable development of an event in advance and feel discontent, upset and worried. Sometimes your intuition fails you, but sleepless nights will not return.
Learn to remove tension through breathing exercises and relaxation. But you must understand that you are a living person and you will always feel certain feelings, just take them, don't waste your mental strength. Worry trouble as income, but not for long – remember that you have no time to suffer – you need to act!