Specify type of practice: awareness, training or externship. Depends on the choice of the institution that you will need. The students of humanitarian universities in getting acquainted with the profession during the practice can visit a number of institutions of different types, which implies a short stay there one or more people at a time. Training or externship designed for prolonged studies in the same institution.
Make a list of institutions that are near your place of residence. Write down the phone numbers, addresses, surname, name and patronymic of the head. Only the Director or his Deputy will decide the issues of organization practices.
Call the listed numbers and will confirm if an internship in this institution and on what terms. Contact the Manager by name. Introduce yourself as a student of the University. Specify when talking target practice, University and profession.
Select several institutions, the terms of which you think acceptable. Because the internship is free for both parties, only offers mutually beneficial cooperation between the two institutions.
Return to the Dean's office of the institution and will sign the agreement in 2 copies for practice. In the contract the conditions stipulated by telephone shall be entered in the column "Responsibilities of the parties."
Personally visit the institution that gave consent to organizing and conducting practices of students. Sign both copies of the contract from the head, check the print. Do the same in your University. When signing the contract in the institution, discuss the terms of cooperation. If the agreement is signed for 2 years, then practice for next year already you do not need to look.
The first output of the student on practice is held in conjunction with the head of the practice, especially if the agreement was reached during the visit of a group of institutions students.