Correctly pick up the suspender belt, paying attention to the material from which it is made. The belt can be Lacy, satin, vinyl, leather and mesh.
When buying a belt, pay attention to the number of garters. Their number can vary from four to twelve. Suspender belt with four garters are a perfect sexy bedding accessory, however, if you plan to wear the belt every day, choose a model with a large number of garters.
Put on the belt. Generally, the belt worn on the waist. This accessory should fit snugly but not too tight. If the belt slips, you may have the wrong size.
Then put on special stockings designed to be worn with this belt. You can distinguish them by the presence of a dark, dense band at the top of the stocking, called a border. Ideal – silk stockings: they are pleasant to the body, and also durable.
Correctly fasten the zipper to the hem of her stocking. Make sure the garter was located evenly. This procedure looks as follows: round part of the clasp is placed under the stocking (about two to three inches from the top edge of rim), and on top of it is pressed against the part with the loop, that is, formed a kind of castle.
Be sure to adjust the length of the garters. If they are too tense, you just tear the stockings, sitting on a chair or making a sudden movement. To adjust the length of the garters is simple: the principle is the same as on the bra straps.
In addition be sure to pick up beautiful panties of the same color as the belt or harmonizing with it in color.