Problems with the main wiring are solved at the stage of construction – carts to sockets, chandeliers and other lamps hidden in the walls in special channels. They provided building blocks and panels. If the house is made of stone, these channels strabate in the right places before the laying of the mains.But the wire from the sconce and floor lamps, televisions, computers, television and Internet cables often hang along the walls or lying around on the floor, preventing cleaning. They stumble about, these wires pose a serious threat to young children. The kitchen leads from the various electrical appliances intertwined and confused, creating inconvenience. How to clean up?Take a sheet of paper and sit at the table in the room in which you are going to bring order to wiremi. Make a simple floor plan with the balance of energy consuming devices. Indicate placement of electrical outlets. Print the diagram of the wires from a nearby electric appliances to sockets nearby. It is desirable that it was a block of electrical sockets with the General shutdown button and filters interference. In the diagram, and actually assemble the wires into bundles and in the optimal seal tape, masking tape or a piece of special wire, which are fastened wires ones you get today appliances. If a sconce or floor lamp is far enough away from the socket, route the cord or cords on the plinth in the cable channel. In this case, remember that the very electrical outlet should not be set below 5 cm from the floor. The wire running along an exposed wall, you can decorate.Do not place in a single channel with electricwire, mi cable television. Also must be the cable channel for Internet lines and cables from the modem to the computer in the other room.The kitchen leads also collect into bundles that are easy to hide behind desks and cabinets, securing on the walls so that they are not lying on the floor. The cable channel put the TV cable from the kitchen TV. Don't forget about the grounding of electric stoves, a third of the cabinets and other powerful kitchen units.