Advice 1: Where to hide the wires

Comfortable to live not forbid. And the comfort level is directly linked to energy consuming appliances and devices. The inevitable increase in the number of wires, however, it is possible to result in the systematic manner.
Where to hide the wires
Problems with the main wiring are solved at the stage of construction – carts to sockets, chandeliers and other lamps hidden in the walls in special channels. They provided building blocks and panels. If the house is made of stone, these channels strabate in the right places before the laying of the mains.But the wire from the sconce and floor lamps, televisions, computers, television and Internet cables often hang along the walls or lying around on the floor, preventing cleaning. They stumble about, these wires pose a serious threat to young children. The kitchen leads from the various electrical appliances intertwined and confused, creating inconvenience. How to clean up?Take a sheet of paper and sit at the table in the room in which you are going to bring order to wiremi. Make a simple floor plan with the balance of energy consuming devices. Indicate placement of electrical outlets. Print the diagram of the wires from a nearby electric appliances to sockets nearby. It is desirable that it was a block of electrical sockets with the General shutdown button and filters interference. In the diagram, and actually assemble the wires into bundles and in the optimal seal tape, masking tape or a piece of special wire, which are fastened wires ones you get today appliances. If a sconce or floor lamp is far enough away from the socket, route the cord or cords on the plinth in the cable channel. In this case, remember that the very electrical outlet should not be set below 5 cm from the floor. The wire running along an exposed wall, you can decorate.Do not place in a single channel with electricwire, mi cable television. Also must be the cable channel for Internet lines and cables from the modem to the computer in the other room.The kitchen leads also collect into bundles that are easy to hide behind desks and cabinets, securing on the walls so that they are not lying on the floor. The cable channel put the TV cable from the kitchen TV. Don't forget about the grounding of electric stoves, a third of the cabinets and other powerful kitchen units.

Advice 2: How to hide the wires

In our homes and offices so much all technique. It is needed for life and work. But what to do with the many wires? Not only that, they can spoil the impression from the best design, so also can be dangerous. Wires will definitely have to hide. This can be done in different ways.
How to hide the wires
There are special plastic boxes for power and low voltage wiring. They can be fastened to any finishing materials. Typically, these boxes are of rectangular section, sometimes they are convex. There are even self-adhesive boxes, they are very easy to adhere to the surface, and the wire fits inside. It is very convenient. The length of these boxes is about 2 meters, but one can make a gutter in the desired length, docked to each other, and stretching on this gutter wire - one or more. If you cannot find self-adhesive box, an ordinary box can be attached to the wall using glue or screws.
How to hide the wires
If you do not want to use boxes, and it is necessary to lay the wiring on the tiles, you can place it in the grooves between the tiles. But the wires should be with a thin cross section of about 1.5 mm. Carefully and gently clean out the grooves between the tiles using the grinder. Their depth should reach approximately 1 cm Then apply to where you want to go wire, a little tile adhesive. Put the wire and disguise it with grout to the tile.
How to hide the wires
If you need to hide the wires in the drywall, need to be created from thick aluminum wire rod that serves as a broach. After you have to stretch the wires behind the plasterboard wall or false ceiling. You can then surface any suitable materials. Wiring them will not be seen. If the walls are not made of drywall, brick, stroebe need for wires, special channels, and then putty them and only then start finishing.
How to hide the wires
The cables from the TV or phone can be removed under the floor. Lift the plinth, put the wire or cable, then lower the baseboard. Make sure the wires are not falling out during cleaning, skirting a better seal. You can glue, and can be put on the screws in increments of 40 cm Then the baseboard would be great to lie down in the wall and safely hide wires.
How to hide the wires

Advice 3: How to hide the wires from the DVR

When you install the DVR drivers are often faced with the same problem as hanging and covering the review wire. How to hide the wire and to eliminate this embarrassing moment?
Hide the wire from the DVR

Preparatory work

To connect the DVR and hide the wire, you will need to purchase USB charger for cigarette lighter and wire that is suitable for your device, that is prepare for the process. For example, the mini USB from 3 to 5 meters. It is recommended to buy 5 meters or more below the material was stock. The cost of the tools needed will be a maximum of 400 rubles. If the driver decided to use a cigarette lighter splitter for solving the issue price will be in the range of 1500 rubles.

Begin to remove the wire

To do this, under the covering of the roof at the windshield is a wire and extends to the right front. If the wire stretches across the dash, somewhere between windshield and dashboard. If you select the option from the roof, it is necessary to carefully bend the rubber band on the door and slip it under the wire. There is enough space to fit this slim cord.

Then using a screwdriver, slightly turn down the corner of the torpedoes and pass the wire down behind the glove box. In the right corner of the windshield there is a gap between the torpedo and the wind, it just need to expand a little. Then lower the glove box how to replace the filter and attach the wire to the clips at the end of installation in two places to the body panel.

After this work is done the wire from the torpedo needs to go directly to the cigarette lighter. To completely get rid of the wire, you can buy a cigarette lighter splitter, designed for two or three device, and the inside of the torpedo to connect the wires to the cigarette lighter.

Use the splitter

Purchased the device is connected to the outlet on the front console. The splitter is in the passenger seat, so he will bring a minimum of inconvenience, especially if the driver often travels alone. To hide the wire, removed the padding on the right strut and they laid there.

Devices are fixed behind the mirror and the wires run under the headliner, upholstery and glass you can stretch them without removing. Further, the cord is held on the rack down and goes under the panel in the corner at the junction of the glass panel and posts.

If you have excess wire, they hit the road and left there. The splitter is mounted on the right side on the plastic with an industrial adhesive tape. Before doing this the surface must be degreased. After completion of the work in the salon there will be no extra wires!
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