Shtroblenie walls – a laborious process that requires power tools. Much easier to route the wires through the cable channels or in the baseboards. In this case, sockets and switches must be mounted at the level of the lowered arm. It not only does not damage the design of the room, and make its operation more convenient.

Which tool to use for shtrobleniya walls?

Most dust is formed during operation of the chasers, as this tool is equipped with two diamond circles and performs two cut. It can be used to make strips of the required depth in brick and concrete. A smaller amount of suspended solids will be formed during operation of the grinder.

The most easy way shtrobleniya to make holes and cuts with the gun, at the same time enabling the building cleaner. Note, however, that this method is more labor intensive and causes vibrations of walls and ceilings. If it is possible to use a grinder equipped with a vacuum cleaner, getting into the air small particles of concrete, plaster or brick will be minimal.

As stroebe wall without dust?

Before the wall you need to mark with a pencil, dragging a line transaction. Further along these lines perform the slots using the grinder. If it is equipped with a vacuum cleaner, it is possible to work on deepening and expanding our chase. If the tool is normal after making the cuts along the line marking include building cleaner and start knocking out the recesses with a punch.

In bearing walls it is impossible to make deep grooves, as they can weaken the power frame of the building. Therefore, for the cuts for the wiring enough depth of 1-1,5 cm. Vertical slot must be removed from the corners of the room not less than 10 cm If you require to lay cable in close proximity to the pipes of the pipeline, they are back down to 35-40 cm

The easiest way to work with hammer on plaster walls: potholes are more flat and smooth. With concrete and brick is more difficult, because it is more durable material and will require revision of the slits grinder or chasers.

To reduce the amount of dust, use a vacuum cleaner construction. Therefore, it is desirable to work with a partner, which will hold suction bell in the vicinity of the running tool (grinders or hammer). This method will allow you to minimize the amount of dust, but it will still be. Therefore, before starting work it is recommended to cover the furniture, window sills, floors with plastic or old Newspapers.