You will need
  • - the machine;
  • - double needle;
  • - copy scheme;
  • - colored pens and pencils;
  • marker-highlighter;
  • - cardboard;
  • - a pair of scissors.
Purchase or make yourself machine embroidery, to be able to embroider with both hands. You can also keep in any way the Hoop on the table. If you manage, be trained to embroider with two hands: right at the top will inject the needle from top to bottom and left bottom, return the needle back.
Buy a set of special bilateral needle with an eye in the middle. This needle is sharp on both sides, which allows not to turn it during embroidery: right hand insert the needle into the fabric, left bottom out and not turning, immediately injected back. Simple way, which saves a lot of time and effort at work.
If you have an organizer for thread, use it as much as possible. In the thread of every used color pass needle and put it in your office organizer. Save time to facilitate this threads the needle can be essential for a large variety of colors in a particular area.
The scheme of embroidery copy or print on the printer to be able to safely it to spoil. As embroidery cross out the cells with a pen or marker-a highlighter, or bend cut off unnecessary portions.
Photocopies of diagrams divide the whole picture into sections of 10 cells vertically and horizontally. Divide into squares and the fabric, prometal her bright bobbin thread.
Take a colored pen or pencil and right on the mark outline of the main colors of small dots. For example, the leaves with X paint a light green color. The easiest way to do it, if you cut two pieces in the cardboard sheet square hole size with 10 cells and 10 diagrams of cells of the canvas. Applying these blanks to the scheme and the outline, you can easily transfer all the notation.
Note that the markup is a little Shine from under the embroidery, so paint with caution and appropriate color. Do not have to paint everything – just a few of the basic colors of the illustration (the space between them will be fully complete in a different color). By itself, the markup takes a lot of time, maybe even a few days, but it can significantly speed up the cross-stitch.