You will need
  • - the outline;
  • cloth;
  • - needles;
  • - threads;
  • - scissors;
  • - the Hoop.
Pick up the necessary materials. Purchase the fabric on which you are going to learn embroidery. Best of all, if it is with large plain weave. Also, a good option may be buying the finished canvas, with its help you can even easier and faster to learn cross stitching.
Additionally, find it in the store or home, fine needles and threads for cross stitch, for example, embroidery floss. You will also need the Hoop. They may have a different design or shape for learning the embroidery is not too important.
Pull the fabric in the Hoop, unfold it so that the cloth wrinkles. Pass the thread a needle. Then begin the embroidery. On the inside leave a small end of thread, knot it tie not to be, this will make the embroidery is sloppy.
Follow the first diagonal stitch from left to right. The width of the cross may be different, most for the standard take the two strands, but you can start with four.
Make a few diagonal stitches, then turn back perpendicular to the existing stitches, apply new, running from right to left. Thus, all strings in the crosses will be aimed in one direction, which makes the embroidery more uniform.
Secure the thread on the back side of the fabric. This can be done using a small stitch, using the purl part of the TIC. Thus, we can assume that you learned cross stitching in a very short time.