You will need
  • - headband of fur or knit;
  • - beads;
  • silk scarf or shawl;
  • - hair pins.
In cold weather headband from fur can replace a warm hat. This accessory is necessary to choose strictly on the size. Before buying, try dressing – it should not slip from the hair or squeeze his head. Wear it with the fur covered ears and beautifully framed the forehead.
The bangs can go under the rim or to get it out. Long hair spread on top of the dressing. There are models with fur are located only on the front of the accessory in the neck bandage is fastened with a rubber band. This option is more comfortable to wear.
Very nice and dressings in the form of a ring, bound from Jersey. They can be broad or narrow, monochromatic and multicolored, voluminous and smooth. Select the model suited to your face. Wide face requires tight-fitting headband, dark shades, skinny go headband in twisted among themselves KOs.
A broad bandage of fine knit can be worn as a fitted beanie. Smooth the fabric, clip away the hair and put on the knitted ring on the head. This model looks especially impressive with clothes in sporty style. It perfectly hides the lack of hairstyles and accents facial features.
Knitted bandage can be modified. Fold it several times and put on pulled down over his forehead. This option is ideal for owners of long flowing hair. She will not allow the strands to fall on your face and will make your look tender and romantic.
For special occasions fabric headband can be decorated. Wide armband embroidered with beads or sequins. Narrow private beads, faux pearls or gems.
If you don't have a rim, it can be built from improvised materials, such as silk scarf or shawl. Fold the neckerchief on the diagonal and roll it into a narrow tape. Tie a knot so that it fell on the middle of the fabric strip. Put the scarf on the head, positioning the knot over the forehead. The ends tie at the back and cover their hair.