If you were on the disco alone, feel free to act natural. You came to relax, dance, relax, go on then. Go to the bar and get something to drink. If you are driving, let it be coffee, tea or orange juice. Sit down on a chair and look around. You may get in the hall of friends. Or the bored individuals of the opposite sex. If your goal is not just to ignite the catchy rhythms and make new friends, now is the opportunity. The atmosphere of the club has to adventure. Just walk up to any man and invite to dance. Or buy a drink. Topics of conversation, again, you can find many. Favorite artist, do school, etc. When you slightly adapt to the noise and large number of people head to the dance floor. If you can't dance - not scary. Try to catch the rhythm and tune under it a simple motion. View, as do others. Special skills are not required. Complete PA for yourself, surrender to the music. Do not worry about how it looks from the outside. It binds, hinders emancipation. Then you have a wonderful dance. In most clubs there are special recreation areas, which are called Chillout. It sounds like soft calm music, arranged comfortable sofas and chairs. When the bass booms you get bored, go there. Grab a Cup with a cold drink. Stay a while surrounded by people like you, party people. You may come across interesting person, and the rest of the evening you spend in this cozy corner. Remember that each creates a mood himself. Be open, friendly, cheerful. Then you'll have a great time in the disco, relaxing from the daily routine and finding new companions.