Use for writing" the other side of the box, which has a large area. It can be the upper (flat packages) or the side.
The sender's address is indicated in the top left corner, recipient's address is at the bottom right. As a rule, the details of the person who receives the parcel, written somewhat larger.
In accordance with the rules of registration of postal communication details ' should be written in the following order: first surname, name and patronymic of the addressee (if the parcel is addressed to a legal person – the name of the company), the following line – street name, house number and apartment. This is followed by the name of the city or locality (if required, specify the names of the district and region, territory or Autonomous region) and for international parcels – and even the country. And at the end of the big write postcode.
Before sender address mark "From" before the recipient's address – "Who".
For mail within the country all addresses are specified in the Russian language. If the parcel is sent to the Republic that is part of the Russian Federation – it is possible to write the address twice: in the state language of the Republic and in Russian. On mail, the following overseas address is written in Latin. Is valid and a variant – details of the recipient are specified in the language of the country in which he resides, but the country name is duplicated in Russian.
The address must be written large enough, clearly, legibly and without corrections (best print). It should not be superfluous marks and geographical names cannot be shortened.