The easiest way is to disable in your browser graphics, pictures and videos that are present on the page. This way you will reduce the volume of incoming traffic, thereby increasing the speed of the Internet. To disable the graphics settings of the browser.
To increase the size of temporary files (cache) in Firefoxs need to do the following. Go to your browser settings. Select the "Advanced" tab, then click "Network" and the string "Offline storage". By doing this, you will reduce the load time of the pages that you visit repeatedly.
Another way of setting up fast Internet is to install a quick browser. As it can be Opera or Google Chrome. They have the smallest number of different extra features. The faster you load your browser, the faster the Internet to work.
If you connect a standard firewall, which is included in the Windows operating system on your personal computer will not be able to infiltrate malware. They slow down the Internet speed, while stealing from you. Get rid of malware and viruses on the computer will help also debugged the antivirus program.
Windows operating system is also regularly updated. You should disable automatic updates, reducing load on inbound traffic. So you, too can increase the speed of the Internet.
To increase the speed you can, if you delete the file called "index.dat.". They kept a history of all the pages you have visited previously. They need stable access to the Internet, therefore reduces its speed. You will notice the difference in speed of the loaded pages, after completing the operation.