Replacement bathtub will cost very expensive, because in addition to the cost of the bath will have to pay for the install. There is an option to install acrylic liner that is easy and fast, but unfortunately it is also quite an expensive option, and purchase them succeed everywhere. However, you can restore the enamel in the bath - it does not require special skills and big expenses.First of all, choose an enamel bath. Enamel in the spray cans easier to apply, but they have a much shorter lifespan than the enamel in the usual packaging. In addition you will need primer, which can be purchased in aerosol packing.
Thoroughly wash the bathroom of all dirt, rust and loose and peeling flakes of the old enamel. Possible produce mechanical polishing the entire surface. Treat the rusty surface active detergent or a solution of oxalic acid. Rinse detergent and thoroughly dry the tub. Then eliminate the possibility of ingress of water into the bathroom - it can completely spoil the future of the enamel coating.
It is desirable to reduce the humidity in a bath room with the help of the reflex heater, or just a few hours proverif room.
Apply on the prepared surface, the primer in accordance with her recommendations. If you are using an aerosol primer, be sure to use the means of protection of respiratory organs - tissue bandage or respirator.
After curing of primer apply the enamel in 3-4 layers with an interval of 15-20 minutes and let it cool down for 1-2 days (depending on the type of the applied paint). Before using the bath thoroughly rinse the cleanser with plenty of water.To restore the enamel to the bath in this way can be almost an unlimited number of times.