You will need
  • - schedule and plan training;
  • knives, sharpening, and other handy tools for the development of skills.
Having decided to learn this art, pre-plan your time to workout regular. It is important that nothing prevented to conduct training at the appointed hour – this is one of the characteristics of the Eastern worldview. Make a schedule of classes. It would also be useful to have a journal in which you track your progress in training – development of a new technique, increasing the number of push-UPS, etc.
Start to study Japanese culture. It is an integral part of mastering any martial art. Check the path passed Japanese ninja from birth to full mastery of the technique. Of course you yourself to go all the way can not. After all this art in Japan starts to train since infancy, accustoming the baby to pain by training his agility and reaction speed.
For training agility, coordination, endurance and other important qualities take care of physical preparation of your body. Prepare to have to run a lot and often, and at performance of exercises on development of skills a ninja must learn to endure the pain. Need to run fast, jump high. And yet – learn to move quietly. No wonder that the word "ninja" translates to an "invisible warrior."
Much of what is taught the ninja in Japan, will be useless for the modern urban man, so make a list of what will be included in the training plan. Must be throwing knives, shanks, etc., exercises for the development of acrobatics, agility. The Japanese worldview is something that will not be able to fully understand European people, so it is pointless to spend a lot of time. Secret coded messages and correspondence without the need for learning the art.